Recently we’ve received an email from a website claiming to be the original author of the OpenCore Legacy Patcher and since I know the actual developers of the OpenCore-Pacther, I reached out to them to verify if they have started a new website alongside with the GitHub page and they said they have not and they are aware of this malicious website which impersonates them.

This website offered the users to download the latest version of the OpenCore-Patcher aka OpenCore Legacy Patcher which might have been tampered with.

This an example of how users might download the OpenCore-Patcher from an unknown source rather than the original source of the OPCL and open their Macs to all sort of nasty attacks.

Only download OpenCore-Patcher from its original source and remember these are the only links that are published by the authors so far:

For more information please see the following link:


So if you see any other sites or forums that offer to download the OCLP, think twice before downloading it.

Here is the message we’ve received:


  Request to Add a Backlink to OpenCore Legacy Patcher's Listing on MacMeUp


  Dear MacMeUp Team,

  I hope this message finds you well. I am writing on behalf of the OpenCore Legacy Patcher team, regarding our software that is featured on your esteemed platform, MacMeUp. We appreciate your support in showcasing our tool and would like to discuss a potential enhancement to our listing on your site.

  Our official website, https://opencorelegacypatcher.com/, is the central hub for all updates, comprehensive information, and support related to OpenCore Legacy Patcher. We've noticed that our software's presence on MacMeUp does not currently include a direct link to our website. Establishing a backlink to our site would offer significant benefits, providing MacMeUp users with immediate access to the most current and detailed information about our software, thereby enhancing their user experience and engagement.

  We kindly request the inclusion of a link to our official website on the page where OpenCore Legacy Patcher is featured on MacMeUp. This addition would not only help keep your audience informed with the latest information but also assist us in reaching a wider user base who could benefit from our software.

  Here is the URL for the proposed backlink: https://opencorelegacypatcher.com/

  We greatly value the exposure and platform that MacMeUp has provided for OpenCore Legacy Patcher. We believe that this small yet impactful addition could further enhance your content and our mutual goals. Thank you for considering our request. We understand and respect any editorial policies you may have regarding this matter.

  Looking forward to the possibility of further collaboration with MacMeUp.

  Best regards,

  OpenCore Legacy Patcher Team
  [email protected]