Small tools, Big impact.

These tools are going to help you to improve the performance of your Mac or take control of certian aspects of your macOS.

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Take a look at the apps, they just might be what you are looking for. Please read the documentations before using these apps.

Gatekeeper Toggler

Gatekeepr Toggler can easily turn the Gatekeeper on or off with only few clicks.
You don’t need to type in the commands or open the “Security & Privacy” in the Sytem Prefrences.

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NVRAM,Kext Cache Cleaner

This All-in-One tool can help you delete macOS’s Kext Caches, deletes the prelinkedkernel file and also will reset the NVRAM (PRAM) of your Mac. 

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Show/Hide desktop icons.

If you need to take a clean screenshot or record a video of your desktop without the desktop icons being present in the snapshot or the movie, well you’re in luck.

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Show Hidden Files

Show hidden files will help you easily toggle the visibility of the files and folder that are hidden in macOS by default.

(Downloaded 2219 times)

This tiny tool will help you to find your local (private) and public (external) IP. Just run the app and find out your IP address.

(Downloaded 2024 times)

iMessage Fixer is an application which helps you to compleley reset your iMessage and FaceTime settings.

(Downloaded 1994 times)

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