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Toggle macOS’s Gatekeeper with a single click
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Reset NVRAM, Rebuild System Caches
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MacTweaks is a collection of useful commands to change the way macOS behaves. There are many features that you can change to optimize macOS to your needs.


Gatekeeper Toggler

GateKeeper Toggler is designed to detect and change the macOS’s builtin Gatekeeper settings. You can also change the Filesystem’s write access privileges with few clicks.



MacOptimizer is designed for common troubleshooting tasks or optimizing macOS’s performance by clearing the NVRAM or rebuilding prelinkedkernel caches.


Recent Posts and Guides

MacMeUp Community is now online

I have some exciting news to share, MacMeUp Community is online now and you can join us and have a discussion on many topics from installing macOS on unsupported hardware to latest macOS Releases and many more. Join us at…

Secure Boot for OpenCore Legacy Patcher

There is a new branch for OpenCore Legacy Patcher called vault2 which will bring Secure Boot to OpenCore. This is an exciting news for everyone who uses OpenCore which can bring some comfort for those who are concerned about OpenCore’s…

OpenCore Legacy Patcher 1.0.0 is released.

The OpenCore Legacy Patcher Sonoma branch and the main branch have been merged and you can download the main source and build the OpenCore Legacy Patcher v1.0.0. The official release is now available for download on OpenCore Legacy Patcher GitHub…

OpenCore Legacy Patcher 1.0.0 Release Date

The developers of OpenCore Legacy Patcher announced the new release dates for OpenCore Legacy Patcher v1.0.0 on October 2nd, 2023. This update will support the new macOS Sonoma and I’m excited to test it and see what improvements they will…

Apple released detailed PDF for macOS Sonoma

Apple will release the final version of macOS Sonoma on September 26 and the released a detailed PDF of macOS Sonoma’s features. After releasing several beta versions, Apple released the RC (Release Candidate) version for macOS Sonoma after the Wonderlust…

OpenCore Legacy Patcher 0.6.9n on non-Metal GPU Macs

OpenCore Legacy Patcher’s Sonoma branch in the commit 214e31e they’ve implemented experimental non-Metal support which means OCLP can be used to activate graphic acceleration on older Macs with non-Metal GPUs. I’ve downloaded and built the latest commit and installed macOS Sonoma…

Rename your Mac in macOS Ventura and Sonoma

Prior to macOS Ventura and macOS Sonoma if you wanted to rename your Mac’s name you had to open System Preferences and go to Sharing and change the computer name by editing the name from Computer Name’s value. In macOS…

Sonoma Screen Savers and Desktop Wallpapers

The new stunning Apple TV like screen savers and desktop wallpapers is truly amazing and gorgeous. The look so cool and the way they start and stop to become the Wallpaper is amazingly adjusted. Even though the files are a…

Apple Event on September 12

Apple has just announced their new event on September 12. It is expected to announce the following products: And maybe there will be some news about the next upcoming M3 Macs. Add to your calendar

NTFS on Apple Silicon

There are times that you need to copy some files to an external hard disk or a flash disk which is formatted as NTFS. There are several applications that will help you to manage your NTFS formatted disks on macOS…

OpenCore Legacy Patcher 0.6.9n Updates

The latest build of OpenCore Legacy Patcher for macOS Sonoma has been updated with several new features and the most important update is that it doesn’t require to download the KDK (Kernel debug Kit) anymore. No more KDK installation: I’ve…

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macOS Sonoma is now available for download directly from Apple’s servers.

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