There are many Finder’s setting that you might wan to change and this section can help you to do that with few clicks.

Take Charge of Finder’s Settings


Tweak System’s Internal Settings

Verify the integrity of the system and the preferences, reset the system caches change the status of Gatekeeper and more.


Let’s Tweak
Safari & Network

Enable or Disable AirDrop, Reset Network Interfaces, Set Safari to automatically open downloaded files and more.


Change Dock’s Looks & Behavior

You can easily reset Dock to the default settings or set it to show only the active applications.


Mac Tweaks is a collection of useful commands built into a single application to to change the way macOS behaves. There are many features that you can change to make macOS more optimized to your needs.

For instance you can easily change the format of the Screenshots or show/hide the Desktop’s icons.

One of the greatest feature in Mac Tweaks is that you can Export you current settings and the import them on another computer without having to set them one by one.

Once you save the setting you can easily import them to another computer or macOS. Remember in order to be able to import your setting you must have system’s administrator password.

Here is a sneak peak of what these features are: 

Change the visibility of file extensions in Finder
Show the Users Library in Finder’s sidebar (this only works in Mac OS X and macOS Sierra)
Change the visibility of hidden files and folders
Change the visibility of the icons on desktop
Change the format of the screenshots
Enable or disable the window shadows in screenshots
Enable or Disable the warning when changing a file’s extension
Display the expanded save panel by default
Enable Text selection in Quick Look
Enable or disable the following

Verify the System’s integrity and User’s Preferences
Reset the Caches on user’s folders and system
Rebuild the spotlight Index
Enable or disable Disk Images checksum verification
Confirm the opening of apps that have been downloaded from the internet
Enable T.R.I.M support on third-party SSD’s
Enable or disable Disk Images checksum verification
Enable or Disable Gatekeeper
Save files to iCloud
Enable or disable autocorrection while typing
Enable or disable Long Press Action for repeated keys

Reset the DNS Cache on macOS and Mac OS X
Reset your Network Interfaces
Enable AirDrop over wired Ethernet
Let Safari open safe files after downloading
Collapse Safari’s Activity view per default
Enable or Disable Safari’s Debug menu
Enable or Disable Safari’s Developer menu
Enable or Disable Safari’s DNS prefetching
Enable or Disable Safari’s DNS prefetching
Easily find your system’s IP address or open Airport or Network utilities

Enable or disable recent used apps stacks
Make the dock only show active applications. If you quit an app, its icon will be removed from the dock

With macOS Mojave comes a new Dark Mode design, making the windows dark too. This feature will bring back the old Dark Mode style, making that only the top menubar and Dock will use the Dark Mode. while the windows are left alone