Building OCLP 0.6.9 preview for macOS Sonoma

OpenCore Legacy Patcher is now available for macOS Sonoma, It’s an early preview so please read this before using it:

Please see the official link:

But if you want to build it for macOS Sonoma yourself the process is the same as macOS Ventura but you need to download the source for macOS Sonoma from the links provided above:

You need to have these installed before being able to build the OCLP:

  1. Xcode or Xcode Command Line Tools on your host OS
  2. Python 3.6 or newer

Download the OCLP 0.6.9 from the link above

Open terminal and type cd then drag the OpenCore-Legacy-Patcher-sonoma-development folder to the terminal then press enter.

Your prompt should look something like this:

user@users-Mac-Pro OpenCore-Legacy-Patcher-sonoma-development %

Type pip3 install -r requirements.txt and once the installation is done you can run the Build-Binary.command inside the OpenCore-Legacy-Patcher-sonoma-development folder to build the latest version of the OCLP

Once it’s done open: OpenCore-Patcher-GUI.command

If you don’t want to compile OCLP from repo you can just download and use the prebuilt version of it:

Remember OCLP for macOS Sonoma is beta stage and it’s also in constant development so you need to update it frequently.

You can join the OpenCore Legacy Patcher for Macs or Hackintosh Section discussion boards at our community.

If you need to know how to use OpenCore Legacy Patcher see these guides:

OpenCore Legacy Patcher v1.0.0 Official Release: