OpenCore Legacy Patcher 1.0.0 Release Date

The developers of OpenCore Legacy Patcher announced the new release dates for OpenCore Legacy Patcher v1.0.0 on October 2nd, 2023.

This update will support the new macOS Sonoma and I’m excited to test it and see what improvements they will have in this version.

The current nightly build of OCLP v.0.6.9n has worked pretty well so far on every versions of macOS Sonoma beta and the first release version so far and I would like to thank the developers of OCLP for their dedication and their hard work for breathing a new life to our old Macs.

If you like you can support them by making a donation at to help them out on developing OCLP.

My special thanks to Mykola Grymalyuk (khronokernel) & Dhinak G (dhinakg) for their great job on OpenCore Legacy Patcher and all of the contributing developers that help them to maintain the patcher. OCLP breaths a new life to countless Macs so we can use them for much longer.