OpenCore Legacy Patcher 0.6.9n on non-Metal GPU Macs

OpenCore Legacy Patcher’s Sonoma branch in the commit 214e31e they’ve implemented experimental non-Metal support which means OCLP can be used to activate graphic acceleration on older Macs with non-Metal GPUs.

I’ve downloaded and built the latest commit and installed macOS Sonoma Developer Preview 7 on my Late 2011 21.5′ iMac with an AMD Radeon HD 6750M 512 MB of VRAM which is a non-Metal GPU and after applying the Root Patches I have full acceleration and Wi-Fi.

OCLP needed to download the KDK before applying the patches which was downloaded with the built-in Ethernet and once the Mac rebooted everything was working fine except for AirDrop and probably Continuity.

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