Network Speed Test

If you wonder how fast your network speed is there are few sites and tools available and you already may know some or all of them. But there’s a built-in test in macOS Monterey which can be accessed from Terminal.

  1. Open Terminal from /Applications/Utilities
  2. Type in networkQuality and press enter
  3. The command will start to measure up your download and upload speed simultaneously

Once the test is complete you will see the results like this in macOS Monterey:

macmeup@macmeup-iMac ~ % networkQuality
==== SUMMARY ====
Upload capacity: 6.662 Mbps
Download capacity: 50.320 Mbps
Upload flows: 12
Download flows: 12
Responsiveness: High (1825 RPM)

You can also use this command in macOS Ventura but it might look a bit different, you might see some lines of testing the Downlink and Uplink before the results are generated but at the end you will see the summary like this:

macmeup@macmeup-iMac ~ % networkQuality
==== SUMMARY ====
Uplink capacity: 6.500 Mbps
Downlink capacity: 49.639 Mbps
Responsiveness: Low (21 RPM)
Idle Latency: 26.125 milli-seconds

Unfortunately this command is only available in macOS Monterey and macOS Ventura so if you are using older versions of macOS you need to use online services to 3rd party applications.