EFI Repository for Mac Computers

I’ve decided to create an OpenCore Legacy Patcher EFI repository for legacy Apple computers.

You can use these folders to install macOS Big Sur to macOS Ventura on your old Mac computer wether it’s an iMac, MacBook Pro, Mac mini or Mac Pro.

Download the EFI in respect to your Mac Model

Please note that these folders has been created by OpenCore Legacy Patcher 0.6.8 and there were no changes made to them. These folders will be updated periodically.

Keep in mind:

  • As always make sure you have a back up of your existing data before performing the installation.
  • Once you’ve installed macOS on your computer, you need to run OpenCore Legacy Patcher to apply the root-patches to have full functionality.
  • Do not use these folders to install the beta versions of macOS like macOS Sonoma
  • If you need any help using these folders please use our community at: OpenCore Legacy Patcher Community

These folders will be hosted on a 3rd party server to preserve hosting space.

if you need an EFI folder that is not yet available in this repository please use the community to ask for it or send me an email via Contact form.