This applicaition is a small but a useful application to easily hide the desktop icons. 

Let’s say that you want to create a screenshot or capture a video of your desktop but you have a so many files and folders on your desktop, what can you do to have a clean recording?

This application will easily hide desktop icons and by running it again you can restore you desktop to it’s original state.

How to use it.

Once you run the application you will see the otption like you see in the picture bellow.

By default in macOS the icons can be shown on thesktop by default, so when you plug a USB disk to your  Mac computer it will be mounted and then you can see the icon of your USB disk on the desktop. There are serveral other things that you can keep on your desktop such as text files, movies, pictures, folders and all other kind of files.

if you,  like everyone else including me, always  create a big mess of files and folders on the desktop after only a day or even after installing a clean macOS. This tool can be useful.

There are times that for whatever reason one might need to have  nothing shown on the desktop. Like when you want to chage your desktop’s wallpaper to see how it looks, if there are too many icons shown on the desktop and you can’t see the new wallpaper, or you want to make a video screen and there is a mess on the desktop and it can be distracting you can easily use this application to simply make them invisible. It won’t move the files to another folder, it will change the Finder’s prefrences to make desktop icon’s invisible.

By clicking the “Hide” button the preference of finder will change to