Welcome to macmeup.com

It’s good to see you :)


I’m glad that you found my web site and take the time to look around. I hope you liked what you have found so far.

All of these started as an experiment for me.

All the applications that you see here, are based on a fact that probably just like me you had to use some commands in macOS terminal every once in a while. I know I did and it was getting tiresome for me to type them over and over so I decided to make them into tiny tools so I could just run the commands faster in for of an application so here we are!

Well that was so fun for me so I  decided to create more apps.

I use AppleScript to create these applications which is a built-in scripting language that’s been around since System 7 and it is still a part of macOS High Sierra 10.13.5 which is the latest version of macOS available right now.

Enjoy the apps and don’t for get to look at the articles you might find some useful information there.